Candidates in American Fork’s 2021 Municipal Election

The filing period for candidates in American Fork’s 2021 municipal election ran from June 1 to June 7. Two candidates, including the incumbent, filed for mayor. Three candidates, including both incumbents, filed for the two available city council seats. All terms are four years.

Because neither race has more than two candidates per seat, there will be no municipal primary election. There will be only the general election in November. We will likely see little campaign activity before Labor Day.

Candidates for Mayor

Candidates for American Fork Mayor are one-term incumbent Brad Frost and challenger Tim Holley.

Mayor Frost has a campaign website, but there’s nothing substantive there yet. Mr. Holley has no campaign website I can find, at the moment, but it’s early yet.

Contact information for both candidates is at the official American Fork City website.

Candidates for City Council

Candidates for American Fork City Council are incumbents Staci Carroll and Ryan Hunter, and challenger Carissa George. Carroll is a one-term incumbent. Hunter was appointed several weeks ago to fill the seat vacated by the passing of Barbara Christiansen.

Carroll’s campaign has a Facebook presence, so far. The Hunter campaign has a website. I’ve found no online presence for the George campaign, but again, it’s early, especially with no primary looming.

Contact information for all three candidates is at the official American Fork City website.


Earlier this year, numerous city residents applied to fill Barbara Christiansen’s seat. Besides Ryan Hunter, who was appointed, and former Councilmember Heidi Rodeback, who said she didn’t plan to run for the next term, there were at least two I thought would make particularly fine candidates. A few of the others might have acquitted themselves well too.

I didn’t expect them all to file for the election, but I thought two or three might. Since the didn’t, I won’t name them.

I’m pleased that we’re having an election; I don’t like to see incumbents run unopposed, even when I like the incumbents. I think it’s bad for good government.

I’ll be back later in the election cycle, as opportunities present themselves to meet and examine the candidates. Expect information and probably some opinion too.

If You’re a Candidate

If you’re a candidate and care to supply links, photos, etc., I’m easy to find. I’ll update this page as I get further information.

David Rodeback - impeachment

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I probably should mention that, despite my long (but not current) service on assorted City committees and task forces and my occasional work on political campaigns, I am in no sense or degree an official spokesperson for any current candidate’s campaign or for any office, officer, or other governmental or administrative entity of American Fork City. is my joint project with local businessman Rod Martin. We decided several elections ago that one of the best things we could do to insure the quality of local government was to help candidates’ words and thoughts spread to the voters. We rely on informed voters’ common sense and a firm hope that there’s something Darwinian about letting candidates talk.

In case that’s not enough, we unashamedly add some analysis and opinion.

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  1. Hello David! Thank you for continuing to provide this resource to the residents of American Fork. I know I have come here looking for information, resource links and clarification in years past.

    I’m happy to announce that we have officially launched our campaign website at: I am thoroughly enjoying my time on the council, albeit short, and I look forward to answering any questions anyone may have for me. I can best be reached at

    Thanks again!


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