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Q&A with American Fork City Council Candidate Tim Holley

Tim Holley is one of nine American Fork City Council candidates currently competing for six slots on the general election ballot and then for three available seats on the council. He sent me answers to most of the questions I sent, including the crucial first three. If he has time to answer any of the others later, I’ll update this post.

Meanwhile, here are my questions and his answers, the latter unedited and without comment.

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2023 Candidates for Utah State GOP Offices

Like county parties, state parties have their organizating conventions in off years, when they’re not nominating candidates. Some of the most important business is is electing party officers. The Utah State Republican Party 2023 Organizating Convention is this Saturday, April 22nd, at UVU’s UCCU Center in Orem. Here’s my report on my interviews with most of the candidates for state GOP party office.

For further information about the candidates and the convention, go to utgop.org.

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Candidates at the 2023 Utah County GOP Organizing Convention

The annual Utah County Republican Party Convention gets a lot more attention in even-numbered years, because it selects candidates for county offices and any state offices which are partisan and don’t cross county lines. In the odd-numbered years it’s an “organizing convention” which selects the county party chair and other party officers. This year’s Utah County GOP Organization Convention is April 15. I’m interviewing candidates and reporting on those interviews in posts here. A future post will report on candidates for state GOP offices.

Most the races have one candidate running unopposed, but I am writing about them anyway, so people can better know those who will serve in the various party positions. More information is available at the Utah County Republican Party website.

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Alpine School Board District 4 Primary (nonpartisan)

Three candidates are on the June 28 primary ballot for Alpine School Board District 4. Because this is a non-partisan race, the function of the primary is to reduce the field of three to two, for the November general election.

Because of redistricting, two candidates in this race, Sarah Beeson and Amber Bonner, are incumbents, each seeking a second term on the board. They are joined on the ballot by Lana Nelson.

Alpine School Board District 4 includes Highland, Alpine, Cedar Hills, and roughly the northern half of American Fork.

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