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American Fork Candidates

Here is the official list of candidates for mayor and city council in American Fork for 2017. Contact information is already available at the City web site, and we’ll be using it here to ask them some questions. You’re more than welcome to propose questions in the comments to this post or any other. And we’ll add more contact information, including social media links, when we have it.

See an earlier post here for details about the election. Note that there are sufficient candidates in both races for a primary to be held. It will reduce the mayoral field to two candidates and the city council field to four (for two seats).

Candidates are listed in alphabetical order by last name, not randomly or in order of my preference.

Mayoral Candidates

Note that two-term Mayor Hadfield is not running for a third term.

  • Carlton Bowen (currently on the city council)
  • Brad Frost (currently on the city council)
  • Daniel Copper

The mayor’s term is four years.

City Council Candidates

  • Kyle Barratt
  • Staci Carroll
  • Barbara Christiansen
  • Aaron Clegg
  • Bill Houlin
  • Ernie John
  • Doug Richards
  • Jeffrey Shorter (incumbent)

City council terms are four years. Two seats are available in this election; the other three will be up for election in 2019.

Thank Them All

Before we start asking them what they think about this and how they think about that, and before we start figuring out which of them are the best — some opinions about that will eventually be expressed here — let’s start by thanking them all for running in the first place. The typical local candidate isn’t in it because she thirsts for fame or power or the monetary fruits of graft. She’s in it because she sees and feels a need. He’s running because he wants to serve.

Maybe that’s not the stereotype of local politics you embrace, but it’s a good bet with this field, and it’s our starting point here.

When you see them, thank them.

And watch for this sign somewhere near you. You’ll see it soon.

learn before you vote

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