Here’s a link to audio of a few questions and candidate responses at last Wednesday evening’s meet-the-candidate event at American Fork Library: These questions were submitted in advance via the Internet.


Questions in this Segment

  1. Do you support mass transit generally? What can the City do to get bus service to and from our Frontrunner station? (Order: Frost – Shelton – Barnes – Simpson.)
  2. Please comment on the level of fire protection in the city. Is it adequate? Is there more we should be doing? (Order: Simpson – Frost – Shelton – Barnes.)


Each candidate had one minute for each response. Note the response order above with each question, because candidates aren’t named before every response.


Brad Frost

Councilman Brad Frost after the October 21, 2015, meet-the-candidates event at American Fork High School.

Brad Frost said he supports mass transit but doesn’t use it. Frontrunner is full and thriving; the buses are less so. He wishes UTA managed their funds better. He is comfortable with the current state of fire protection, after we transitioned from volunteer to professional firefighters. We will need a satellite fire station in the northeast part of American Fork soon.

Rob Shelton is on a regional committee looking ahead to plan transit. By 2040 our population will outgrow our freeway system. He wishes UTA managed funds better. We bought a new fire engine in the last four years; the one it replaced was made in the 1970s. He had a fun anecdote about trying to cut an old fire hose with the jaws of life. Recently, to save money, the City contracted with Gold Cross Ambulance for some services.

Kevin Barnes wished UTA managed funds better. He likes the crowded trains but has never ridden Frontrunner or a UTA bus. It doesn’t meet his transit needs. He talked about the importance of a good fire department rating to keep insurance premiums low. Currently, the city has a good rating, which keeps homeowners insurance rates down.

Allen Simpson rides UTA regularly. It is “severely underutilitized” and manages funds badly. The buses he rides are almost empty. It’s really hard to have to accommodate bus schedules instead of having the freedom of a car. He had no answer for the fire protection question, but offered to find out.

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