Preliminary Election Results – 2017 General Election

Note: These election results are updated as of Thursday, November 16, but still not final or official. By this point, the margins are too large for late-counted votes to change the results. And based on votes counted so far, the turnout is 38.7% in American Fork, which is excellent for an off-year election.

These results will be updated twice until the final canvass. If you want to want them yourselves, here are links to reports for the congressional race and the American Fork municipal races.

US House of Representatives, District 3

Not including three third-party (fourth-party?) and unaffiliated candidates who, combined, got less than 7% of the vote:

  • John Curtis (Republican)
    • Latest (Nov 16): 84,122 votes or 58.0%
    • Nov 7: 62,498 votes or 57.6%
  • Kathie Allen (Democrat)
    • Latest (Nov 16): 37,224 votes or 25.7%
    • Nov 7: 29,449 votes or 27.1%
  • Jim Bennett (United Utah)
    • Latest (Nov 16): 13,465 votes or 9.3%
    • Nov 7: 9,641 votes or 8.9%

John Curtis will be the winner; he will finish Congressman Chaffetz’s two-year term. I’d have to check, but since the seat is vacant, I anticipate he’ll be sworn in and seated immediately.

American Fork Mayor

Turnout may have been over 29% — unusually high for an off-year election — but let’s wait for the final numbers before we get too excited about that. As to the results . . .

  • Brad Frost
    • Latest (November 16): 3,775 votes or 76.9%
    • Nov 7: 2,885 votes or 77.7%
      • Corrected — I previously misreported the vote count, but not the percentage.
  • Carlton Bowen — 1,132 votes or 23.1%
    • Latest (Nov 16): 999 votes or 22.9%
    • Nov 7: 828 votes or 22.3%
Brad Frost

Brad Frost

Brad Frost will win the four-year term. When his seat is vacated — presumably at the first of the year — the city council will choose someone to fill the rest of his term. If you’re interested in the seat, contact the City for information about applying.

American Fork City Council

Here the results are a little closer, but the margins are sufficient you can take these results to the bank.

  • Barbara Christiansen
    • Latest (Nov 9): 3,087 votes or 34.5%
    • Nov 7: 2,368 votes or 35.0%
  • Staci Carroll
    • Latest (Nov 9): 2,571 votes or 28.7%
    • Nov 7: 1,898 votes or 28.0%
  • Kyle Barratt
    • Latest (Nov 9): 1,823 votes or 20.4%
    • Nov 7: 1,409 votes or 20.8%
  • Jeffrey Shorter (incumbent)
    • Latest (Nov 9): 1,473 votes or 16.5%
    • Nov 7: 1,094 votes or 16.2%
Staci Carroll

Staci Carroll

Barbara Christiansen and Staci Carroll win four-year terms on the city council.

Barbara Christiansen

Barbara Christiansen

Congratulations to all the winners, and thanks to all the candidates. This doesn’t work if good people don’t run.

Finally, thanks to all 2,819 of you (so far) who’ve visited during this election cycle.

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