Remember how I said Tuesday night that there were two races to watch, because — mostly thanks to mail-in ballots — the school board results were too close to call? Utah County just released updated vote counts, and the second (prospective) winner in each race has changed.

Bear in mind that these results are still not final, but the closer we get to two-weeks-from-last-Tuesday, the less likely they are to change. A lot more votes have been counted, and we’re three days past the postmark deadline. But if I were clinging to second place in a two-winner race, I wouldn’t find either margin comfortably large.

Note that in both these races two winners move on to the general election.

In the Alpine School Board (District 3) race, Sarah Beeson still finishes first, now with 56 percent of the vote. The big news is that ‘Afa Palu has displaced Kara Sherman for the second winner’s slot, with the margin now 120 votes. Change is unlikely but still possible.

In the Utah State School Board (District 9) race, Cindy Davis still wins first place by a country mile, with almost 52% of the overall vote. Avalie Muhlestein has displaced Joylin Lincoln for the second winner’s slot, with a current margin of 196 voters. Kami Alvarez remains in fourth, now 475 votes back from a win. Mrs. Muhlestein’s 196-vote cushion is more vulnerable than Dr. Palu’s 120 votes, since there are several times more voters in the state school board district. Again, change grows less likely but is still possible.

I anticipate the next updates on Tuesday, July 3. Stay tuned.