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Month: June 2017

American Fork Candidates

Here is the official list of candidates for mayor and city council in American Fork for 2017. Contact information is already available at the City web site, and we’ll be using it here to ask them some questions. You’re more than welcome to propose questions in the comments to this post or any other. And we’ll add more contact information, including social media links, when we have it.

See an earlier post here for details about the election. Note that there are sufficient candidates in both races for a primary to be held. It will reduce the mayoral field to two candidates and the city council field to four (for two seats).

Candidates are listed in alphabetical order by last name, not randomly or in order of my preference.

Mayoral Candidates

Note that two-term Mayor Hadfield is not running for a third term.

  • Carlton Bowen (currently on the city council)
  • Brad Frost (currently on the city council)
  • Daniel Copper

The mayor’s term is four years. Continue reading

Mayor Hadfield on Police and Fire

I sent two more questions to American Fork Mayor James H. Hadfield; here they are, with his responses.

Q. Does the City have enough police officers and police stations? If not, how many more do we need? At what cost? Are there plans in place to fund them?

A. The Police Station is presently adequate. However, the Department has asked for five new officers in this budget year. The Council has approved money for only two officers. As the City grows we will certainly need to budget for more officers to guarantee the safety of our residents in the years to come.

Q. Does the City need another fire station or two? Where, why, and at what cost? Are there plans in place to fund this growth?

We need a second fire station. We are presently looking at property to lease from the Utah Developmental Center. We have money in the budget to do the architecture work. This new station will greatly benefit the north end of our community, especially improving response time to the Mt. Timpanogos LDS Temple and the American Fork Hospital.

Thank again, Mayor Hadfield.

For more discussion of issues, see my previous Q and A with Mayor Hadfield and most of the city council.

Q&A with the American Fork City Council

I sent a few questions to American Fork City Council members Kevin Barnes, Carlton Bowen, Brad Frost, Rob Shelton, and Jeff Shorter. Four of the five replied; Councilman Bowen did not. Here are their responses, with minimal edits for format and readability, not substance. I did not suggest a specific length for their responses; both short and long responses were welcome.

kevin barnes

Councilman Kevin Barnes

Answers are presented in alphabetical order, by the officials’ last names.


Q. What qualifications should voters look for in city council candidates? Continue reading

Q&A with Mayor Hadfield

We’re in the middle of the one-week filing period for three offices in American Fork: mayor and two of five city council seats. I sent Mayor James H. “J.H.” Hadfield a few questions about his office. Here are his replies.

mayor hadfield

Mayor James H. Hadfield

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