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Other, Newer Cities Look for Water

The happy news for American Fork in this Daily Herald article, “Expanding northern Utah County cities thirst for new water sources,” is that American Fork is among the cities described as having “long-established, reliable sources for water.”

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  1. Deny

    Why are you forcing the closure of trailor parks in Am. Fork with over 100 lower income families when they are up to code. No citations! Nothing. And the comment made by a city offical was that they don’t know whats wrong with the trailor courts to the owner but they will shut them down any way for clean up, selling out for business areas ect.
    WELL, I think the people of Am. Fork thinks that families are important and if the city is going to do this then they need to build the families duplexes or group homes to provide a place for them to go. YOU cannot just put them out on the street right after Christmas!!! Just because you have Money for your needs, they don’t matter? They would matter if it was your family living in the trailor parks paying $400 rent. Place them in Jobs. Something!