Here’s a link to audio of candidates’ one-minute closing statements at last Wednesday evening’s meet-the-candidate event at American Fork Library:


Closing Statements (in summary)

Kevin Barnes

Councilman Brad Frost after the October 21, 2015, meet-the-candidates event at American Fork High School.

Kevin Barnes: We’ve talked about a lot of things tonight, and talked a lot about money. When you go to vote, look at the person. What’s their experience? How do they work with other people? Are they willing to work with others as a team to solve problems? We are not dictators. We are public servants.

Rob Shelton: Look for a candidate who can get things done. My track record is, I get things done. It takes a lot of work. Make sure you look for individuals who will roll up their sleeves and get to work, and get results.

Brad Frost: I care about the city. I love hard work. I go looking for it. I’ve enjoyed getting to know new people and things. I see the whole city and the delicate balance that’s needed. I’ll give my time to make sure the city moves forward.

Allen Simpson: When I got married last year, I realized how important fiscal responsibility is. I never give up, and I am really, really, really good at finding solutions.

[Closing remarks by Kelly Smith follow.]

Here’s a link [forthcoming] to the first segment of Saturday’s meet-the-candidates event.