4 Candidates, 3 Seats

On November 3 we’ll be choosing three candidates to serve four-year terms on the American Fork City Council. Each voter may vote for up to three on the ballot, and the three with the highest vote counts win. There is no districting in this race; all candidates run citywide.

There is no substitute, in terms of conscientious voting, for personal contact with local candidates. Here are the candidates, with the contact information I have for each. (If I’m missing something, please let me know, and I’ll add it ASAP.) They’re in alphabetical order by last name, not necessarily in the order of my preference.

Kevin J. Barnes

Brad Frost (one-term incumbent)

Rob Shelton (one-term incumbent)

Allen Simpson

Again, if someone has information which is missing here, please forward it to me.

This information is abstracted from FreedomHabit.com.